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1. Unilever’s Progressive Policies: Support to cherish each stage in life

From flexible working arrangements to comprehensive healthcare coverage, Unilever’s progressive policies prioritize employee wellbeing and ensure that they have the resources necessary to thrive both personally and professionally. The policies are designed keeping in mind the milestones that come at various stages of life, such as fertility support, parenthood, pilgrimage and elderly care. All policies are gender neutral and applicable to all Unilever employees.

Notable policies include ‘Education Assistance’ - promoting a culture of lifelong learning and facilitating future-fit upskilling, ‘Interchangeable Holidays’ - facilitating celebration of diverse religions and ethnicities, and ‘Career Break Policy’ - empowers employees with the option to take a break from work to prioritize personal and family goals.

How Unilever facilitates safety and security at workplace and beyond

Unilever has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment and strict guidelines prohibiting retaliation against individuals who report cases. The Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) committee includes management committee members (CXOs) and external representatives.

Moreover, Unilever’s ‘Support Survivors of Abuse’ programme aims to protect and aid employees who have experienced abuse, whether it be physical or emotional, outside of the workplace. This includes abuse that occurs in their personal lives or in public spaces, including online platforms. Additionally, Unilever employees receive support in the form of psychological counseling, in association with a renowned partner. A hotline provides 24/7 support and anonymity is maintained throughout the process.

Such support is intended to be a first step in helping them find the appropriate resources for their personal circumstances. It is important to note that this policy applies to all Unilever employees and is not limited to any specific gender.

Letting Your Voice be Heard at Novartis

Novartis continuously strives to provide the best experience to their employees in their life cycle at Novartis. Through their periodic survey OurVoice, the company continuously monitors their employee’s feeling and motivation beyond their job satisfaction. Sense of ownership, growth opportunities, belongingness, work life integration, employee well-being etc. are measured to ensure that their voices are heard and reflected in decisions taken at all levels. Through Team Perspectives survey, employees provide regular anonymous feedback to their managers, which helps managers in their growth and development journey. Evolve setiment survey helps up to receive feedback on performance management approach, cater to employee needs and development areas

BAT creating two platforms to welcome fresh perspectives

"Rapid Start" and "Your Voice" are two idea and opinion exchange platforms developed by BAT Bangladesh to stimulate fresh ideas and opinions among its employees. Rapid Start is a forum created and championed by strategic mid-career hires to create a community where new schools of thought are welcomed and included. Your Voice is BAT’s biennial global employee opinion survey, carried out to aid continuous improvement. In 2021, BAT Bangladesh delivered outstanding results in the survey, thereby validating our relentless efforts in creating a conducive & inclusive workplace culture.

Extensive Access Programs from Novartis to reach the masses

Novartis’ inclusive initiatives are not limited to their employees only, the company’s access programs are designed with commitment to ensure that their medicines are accessible to as many patients as possible, irrespective of where they come from. Novartis Bangladesh has therefore embarked on a journey to fundamentally shift the way they do business and reimagine how to expand access to critical healthcare innovations. Novartis strategies include adopting innovative pricing and access models, refocusing research and development based on society’s healthcare needs, and supporting approaches to strengthen healthcare systems in the country. In order to have a maximum impact on patients’ health, they are joining forces with others across sectors and industries. Very recently through Novartis global Managed Access Program, in partnership with National Institute of Neurosciences & Hospital, they were able to provide gene therapy costing around BDT 22 crore to a child free of cost.

Community engagement via SHE Network at Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s SHE Network is a network of female employees across the organization - targeted to making a difference by helping women be their best selves. This community is characterized by involving all women employees to come together to learn, collaborate, share their experiences, and support each other, and has dedicated commitment from senior leadership. Under this programme, Coca-Cola arranges personalised Coaching support focused on specific development goals with a target to elicit insights and raise awareness; building confidence; empowering, developing capability, and enabling leaders to accomplish their goals.

How BAT is fostering an inclusive culture on the factory floor

BAT BANGLADESH nurtures an inclusive culture of shopfloor and management employees. In different company initiatives shopfloor employees regularly participate and perform together with other colleagues. This has enabled an inflow of management from shopfloor employees, creating equity, hope and cohesiveness across. Differentiated referral incentives, capability development and sensitization, a varied interviewing panel, diverse applicant slates, and an equal opportunity policy assist to ground their strategy. Moreover, Coca-talent Cola's partners must constantly have a solid ratio of female applicants in the employment pipeline that are reflective of the local market.

Coca-Cola is leveraging collective genius through Culture Ambassador Leaders

Coca-Cola activated a group of Culture Ambassador Leaders to leverage their collective partnership in the overall inclusion journey. These leaders across the ranks, functions, seniority, and tenure with the organization – are leading this transformation. Their passion to care about others, ability to speak the truth and willingness to go over and above their jobs to make an impact has resulted in achieving a robust remote working culture while introducing a refreshed approach to engagement at the workplace. Differentiated referral incentives, capability development and sensitization, a varied interviewing panel, diverse applicant slates, and an equal opportunity policy assist to ground their strategy. Moreover, Coca-talent Cola's partners must constantly have a solid ratio of female applicants in the employment pipeline that are reflective of the local market.

A transformative Activity-Based Working environment at Novartis

Activity-Based Working (ABW) provides the profound opportunity for to rethink how the way that Novartis’ work contributes to the realization of their organizational vision and strategic objectives.

ABW recognizes that people perform different activities in their day-to-day work, and therefore need a variety of work settings supported by the right technology and culture to carry out these activities effectively. It creates a space that is specifically designed to meet the physical and virtual needs of individuals and teams. In Activity Based Working, there is no specific work station or room allocated to anyone, even for senior leadership team including MD. All employees are provided with personal lockers to keep their belongings.

Novartis Bangladesh has height adjustable desks facilitating working both for sitting and standing positions. This enables culture of connection, inspiration, accountability and trust, empowers individuals, teams and the organization to perform to their potential. In other words, ABW transforms work into something everyone feels empowered to do, rather than somewhere they need to be. The company also has a wellbeing room and facilities for lactating mothers at the head office and creche and gym at the factory.

At Novartis Office, there is a Prayer room open to all to maintain their rituals and exercise freedom of religious practices. Well-being/nursing room and crèche at office premise help lactating mothers, parents and employees to take care of families and themselves even during working hour.

Supporting our Parents@BAT

BAT BANGLADESH’s daycare facility-Angel’s Nest is open to not only new mothers, but also new fathers-a step change towards inclusion & empowerment. Along with our progressive parental policies we also celebrate different parental days with the children of our employees so that they can also connect with their parent’s second home. Annual events like Kid’s carnival and Family Day are conducted regularly to create a long-lasting bond between the employee’s family and their work family.

How Novartis is encouraging employees to speak up

Novartis is committed to creating a safe workplace where associates have equal opportunities to succeed and an environment free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation, as well as free from bullying and incivility. This is a safe place to speak up, get support and do the right thing. With this pourpose, a team of highly qualified professionals is dedicated to investigate and assess employee concerns, and bring consequences where misconduct is confirmed with assurance of non-retaliation from management and others. Novartis' SpeakUp Office acts as a conduit for reports of wrongdoing from both inside and outside the company. Anyone can file a complaint through electronic mail, telephone, the web, or by visiting the office in person. A third-party provider handles the website and phone lines. The SpeakUp Office is in charge of conducting investigations into all complaints and reporting confirmed incidents of wrongdoing to upper management.

Coca-Cola's We Care: Working hand-in-hand to drive significant changes

A team of volunteers, passionate about being part of the solution were empowered to engage professional service providers and set up systems on the organizational behalf for different tenets of employee wellbeing – physical, social, emotional, and mental. This group continues to be the first point of call along with the specialists for any help needed by the employees.

Unilever's Shafayet shows why no obstacle is too big to overcome

A business graduate, Shafayat-E-Rabbi Wazed’s ambition was to begin a corporate career much like his peers. Passionate about storytelling and public speaking, Shafayat began working for Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. as an intern in Consumer Engagement Center (CEC) prior to being hired in a role within the same team.

Shafayat’s life took a sudden turn when he lost his eyesight during a road accident. Today, with a complete vision impairment, he proves that no challenge is too big to overcome. In his current role, Shafayat helps Unilever better understand consumer preferences. He enjoys his current scope of work which allows him to pursue his passion of learning the story behind people from all walks of life.

Unilever Bangladesh as an organization wants to create a culture where everyone feels included and where all abilities can thrive. To support this goal, Unilever has built accessible working environments, developed and implemented policies where current employees are trained on how to be more compassionate and open minded while working with a person with disability.

Bayer Bangladesh introducing four-wheelers for all as an enabler

Bayer Bangladesh, as a progressive organization, takes immense pride in fostering an exceptional work environment that champions Diversity and Inclusion as fundamental principles of our operation. In our solid commitment to these values, we've set an industry benchmark by providing Four Wheelers as essential tools for all our sales team members. This initiative not only encourages and empowers our female colleagues to take on challenging field roles but also cultivates a high-performance work atmosphere.

We recognize that commuting to work can be challenging, especially for our sales team members who frequently travel to distant locations to enhance business efficiency. To address this, we've undertaken a special initiative to furnish our sales team with reliable and relatively safe transportation options, enhancing their ability to conduct business with greater ease, comfort, and convenience. In doing so, Bayer has demonstrated its dedication, even at the expense of additional costs. Our company vehicles are equipped with safety features such as emergency response systems, GPS tracking, and secure lock systems, ensuring the utmost safety and security for our employees during their business travels. Moreover, our appointed drivers undergo comprehensive diligence checks to guarantee the highest level of safety and security for our employees.

By providing company cars to our sales team members, we not only empower them to achieve their personal and professional aspirations but also enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our business operations. Our commitment to promoting Diversity and Inclusion extends throughout every facet of our business, serving as a guiding example for others to emulate.

Bayer Bangladesh wholeheartedly embraces the responsibility of advancing Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, empowering all employees to harness their unique talents and unlock their full potential. The introduction of Four Wheelers as essential tools for our sales team members underscores our organization's enduring dedication to fulfilling this commitment.

Fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion: Progressive policies at Coats Bangladesh

Coats Bangladesh prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion. To achieve this, they have implemented progressive policies including parental leave, daycare facilities, and a comprehensive prevention of sexual harassment policy. Their generous parental leave policy allows both mothers and fathers to bond with their newborns while maintaining their careers. They also provide onsite daycare facilities, easing the burden of childcare for working parents. Additionally, their prevention of sexual harassment policy ensures a safe and respectful work environment for all employees. These initiatives demonstrate the commitment to fostering a workplace that values and supports everyone at Coats Bangladesh. Coats also offers a female internship program in partnership with technical colleges at the workforce level. It allows female freshers to study while also opening up opportunities to work at Coats. Coats has also partnered up with Bangladesh Business & Disability Network to identify possibilities and prepare their workplace for disabled employees.

BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage Limited promoting equality in their HR policy and recruitment process

BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage Limited prioritizes equality and inclusivity in its workplace. Their gender-friendly HR policy and recruitment process ensure equal opportunities for all job seekers, irrespective of gender, race, color, religion, or age. They value an individual's ability to perform the job, disregarding irrelevant factors. Additionally, the company provides equal opportunities for acid survivors and handicapped individuals, considering their abilities to perform the job. By eliminating biases and fostering inclusivity, they are able to attract diverse talents, create a dynamic workforce, and celebrate the unique contributions of every individual. Feedback and suggestions from the employees and stakeholders are invaluable as the company strives to build an equitable and inclusive organization. In addition to their inclusive policies, the company provides both maternity and paternity leave options to support the well-being of the employees and their families. By offering these leave policies, BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage Ltd. strives to create an environment that values and supports the diverse experiences and roles of their employees. Differentiated referral incentives, capability development and sensitization, a varied interviewing panel, diverse applicant slates, and an equal opportunity policy assist to ground their strategy. Moreover, Coca-talent Cola's partners must constantly have a solid ratio of female applicants in the employment pipeline that are reflective of the local market.

Promoting family well-being: Paid maternity and paternity leave at DSV Air & Sea Limited

DSV Air & Sea Limited offers both paid maternity and paternity leave, emphasizing the well-being of employees and their families. The company's maternity leave policy provides a generous 4-month leave period, allowing new mothers sufficient time to recover, bond with their newborns, and adapt to the demands of motherhood. Additionally, DSV Air & Sea Limited recognizes the significance of paternal involvement and bonding, granting 2 weeks of paid paternity leave. This enables fathers to actively engage in the early stages of their child's life and support their partners. The company remains committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment that prioritizes work-life balance and acknowledges the distinct needs of employees and their families. Differentiated referral incentives, capability development and sensitization, a varied interviewing panel, diverse applicant slates, and an equal opportunity policy assist to ground their strategy. Moreover, Coca-talent Cola's partners must constantly have a solid ratio of female applicants in the employment pipeline that are reflective of the local market.

Embracing diversity: Non-discriminatory hiring at Maersk Line Bangladesh

Maersk Line Bangladesh is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace where all individuals are treated with respect and fairness. Their hiring practices prioritize equality and prohibit discrimination based on factors such as gender, sexual orientation, age, or any other irrelevant criteria. The company firmly believes in providing equal opportunities to all job seekers, assessing candidates solely based on their qualifications, skills, and ability to perform the job.

Maersk Line Bangladesh recognizes the value of diverse perspectives and experiences, and they actively strive to build a workforce that reflects the varied fabric of society. By cultivating an environment that celebrates differences and encourages collaboration, they nurture innovation and foster mutual respect among employees. Differentiated referral incentives, capability development and sensitization, a varied interviewing panel, diverse applicant slates, and an equal opportunity policy assist to ground their strategy. Moreover, Coca-talent Cola's partners must constantly have a solid ratio of female applicants in the employment pipeline that are reflective of the local market.

Empowering commutes: BAT Bangladesh's inclusive pool car service

BAT Bangladesh understands the importance of ensuring the safety and convenience of all employees, especially female staff members during late hours. To prioritize their well-being and create a supportive work environment, the company offers an inclusive pool car service exclusively for their use after 8 PM. This dedicated transportation option provides a secure and reliable means of commuting for female employees, enhancing their sense of safety and convenience.

By implementing this inclusive pool car service, BAT Bangladesh demonstrates its commitment to fostering a workplace culture that values and supports the needs of all employees. The company recognizes that providing secure transportation is essential for promoting inclusivity and allowing female staff members to confidently pursue their careers without concerns about late-night commuting.

BAT Bangladesh's dedication to employee safety and convenience reflects its commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment where all individuals can thrive. Through initiatives like the inclusive pool car service, the company empowers its employees, promoting their well-being and ensuring their overall job satisfaction.

Novartis' Energized for Life initiatives

Novartis is not all about work. We keep the employees engaged through different engagement activities – townhalls, virtual connects, celebrations and informal connect sessions are conducted to keep them in high spirit and fostering an environment of collaboration. One such example is “Frisbee with P&O” where employees bring their personal aspects to professional arena, share how they pass time with close ones during the lockdown, mixed with different fun activities. An active resourceful cross functional team “Energized for Life” drive physical and mental well-being, mindfulness, sustainable high impact and flexibility. This team helps employees with the holistic lifestyle behavior choices to ensure and improve health, avoid preventable diseases and conditions, and live in a state of physical, mental and social balance. We ensure that our associates are more resilient, mentally agile, adaptable, self-aware and energetic through data and behavior science driven, people-centric tools, strategies and interventions to build wellbeing capabilities.

How BATB is facilitating workplace empowerment

In order to build inclusive leaders, BAT Bangladesh created the Be The Change Fellowship program, whereby future leaders of the company are given the opportunity to experience grassroots level learning on the business by working directly with farmers showing them the importance of inclusion at every part of the company value chain. With D&I as a key part of their agenda at BAT, embedded into the company’s values through Ethos, they have a mandatory ‘Mastering Inclusion’ e-learning module focused on driving diversity and inclusivity in the organization.

Supporting healing and resilience: Banglalink's compassionate miscarriage leave policy

Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd prioritizes the well-being of its employees by implementing a compassionate leave policy. In the unfortunate event of a miscarriage before going on maternity leave, female employees are entitled to four weeks of paid leave to support their healing process and recovery from this traumatic life event.

The miscarriage leave policy recognizes the physical and emotional toll that such experiences can have on individuals. By providing dedicated time off, Banglalink aims to offer support and understanding during these difficult times. This leave allows employees the space and opportunity to focus on their health and well-being, facilitating their physical and emotional recovery.

Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd's miscarriage leave policy exemplifies its commitment to fostering a caring and supportive work environment. By acknowledging the unique challenges faced by their employees and offering appropriate support, the company demonstrates its dedication to the overall well-being and welfare of its workforce.

How Novartis is Reinventing Performance Management

The formula for success at Novartis Bangladesh is that they do not define individuals by numbers. By eliminating numerical evaluations from its Performance Management system, the organization has moved away from the traditional performance appraisal approach. Employee success is measured by the influence they have on Patients, Society, and their Team. As a consequence, the organization recognizes group successes—not only individual accomplishments, but also how employees achieve that by embodying our Values & Behaviors. Performance management based on open communication and a collaborative atmosphere keeps them on track to do what is best for their staff and patients.

Bayer CropScience's attempt at enabling people towards a better future

ENABLE is committed to the general wellbeing and professional development of differently abled employees, as well as those who have disabled children, family members, or acquaintances. By building an inclusive workplace for people of all abilities, the employee network group supports equitable opportunity for all. ENABLE is dedicated to advancing our knowledge of the requirements of our employees with disabilities, clients, and patients. Because it is about capacity, not infirmity.

Bayer now has 12 'differently abled' employees worldwide. They work with colleagues who have vision impairment, hearing and speech impairment, unusual locomotor abilities, and have survived an acid assault.

Bayer CropScience’s ENABLE initiatives include:

• Improving their people's skills and awareness of unique conditions, allowing them to be disability confident and inclusive.
• Expand the network of friends, allies, and mentors for colleagues with disabilities.
• Increase the accessibility of their workplace and goods.
• Interact with members of the local community and other groups.

MetLife’s proactive steps towards a more equitable workplace for women

All businesses stand to benefit from greater equality for women. The Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) are a collection of seven commitments developed by United Nations Women and the United Nations Global Compact to promote gender equality in the workplace and society. The principles, headlined Equality Means Business, highlight the business rationale for corporate engagement to promote gender equality and women's empowerment.

MetLife was the first insurance company to join the United Nations Women Global Innovation Coalition for Change in 2019, and the company was the first U.S.-based insurer to adopt the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles in February 2020. This marked the beginning of MetLife's ongoing efforts to provide a secure and welcoming workplace for women of all backgrounds to grow, lead, and thrive.

How BAT is channeling the power of passion

V-Studios is the first-of-its-kind platform introduced by BAT Bangladesh, celebrating the Power of Passion among its employees. To create more opportunities for members of the organization to pursue their passion and foster an inclusive culture, this platform invited all talented in-house artists to come together and form cross-functional teams to take the stage by storm. Launched under the ‘Power of Passion’ campaign, V Studio’s 1st season kicked off with a musical talent competition. What’s most interesting is that the groove of music transcended all perceived barriers and nurtured wholehearted interactions between members across office and shopfloor to keep the organization energized and united.

Unilever’s Proyash: An Initiative to Pursue Purpose

Being a purpose-driven organization, Unilever places great emphasis on providing value and purpose to all stakeholders- socially, environmentally, and economically. Consequently, to allow Unilever’s employees an opportunity to pursue their purpose beyond their regular jobs, Unilever introduced “Proyash,” an Employee Volunteering Programme.

Employees can volunteer for up to 5 days for different social initiatives led by Unilever’s partners. Over the years, Unilever employees have actively volunteered in several campaigns led by the various purpose-driven brands of Unilever and their partners, covering different social issues, including healthcare, hand hygiene practice, inclusion, care, and support for children and persons with disability.

How Chevron’s Diversity & Inclusion Office is making a difference

Chevron is a strong supporter of workplace diversity, and we advocate for an inclusive environment that celebrates the range of views and experiences. Chevron established the Diversity & Inclusion Office (DIO) to promote diversity and inclusion on a worldwide scale. The formation of the local DIO steering committee centralized all D&I activities and guaranteed that all network groups within the Company were working toward a single objective of improving our D&I position.

BAT Ballers: A first-of-its-kind inititiative in Bangladesh

Driven by the power of passion, BAT Ballers was launched with a mission to kickstart the first ever mixed gender sports initiative in BAT Bangladesh. Being an organization that continues to pioneer new ideas, the initiative started as an experiment to gauge interest in a novel, niche sport but over a couple of weeks slowly developed into a community that unified long-standing basketball enthusiasts in the organization spanning across genders, age groups and departments. The infectious hype led to the first tournament in BAT Bangladesh where 12 teams with 50:50 gender ratio (2 men and 2 women on each team) fearlessly played for the championship. BAT Ballers has now become a weekly sporting activity that is not only gender-neutral, but has broken gender stereotypes in corporate sports, and is driving the spirit of male and female colleagues treating each other as equals on and off the court.

Unilever's INSPIRIT: Collaborating for creating an inclusive ecosystem

Launched in 2018, INSPIRIT brings together 8 organizations with a common purpose to mobilize collective strength to achieve balance for better. The organizations working together in this cross-industry initiative are: British American Tobacco, Citi N.A Bangladesh, Grameenphone Ltd., HSBC Bank Bangladesh, Nestle Bangladesh, Robi Axiata Limited, Standard Chartered Bank and Unilever Bangladesh.

Under INSPIRIT, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion champions from each organization are cocreating solutions to facilitate greater participation of women in the workforce. Currently, the key priorities for INSPIRIT include improving the infrastructure, such as sanitation and housing facilities across Bangladesh, to reduce barriers for women’s career growth in outstation roles. They are also working towards strengthening women’s leadership development and providing mentorship support with an aim to increase women’s participating in leadership roles across industries.

How BAT is creating positive impacts with Be the Change Fellowship

Aligning with BAT Bangladesh’s revamped talent brand ‘Be the Change’, in 2021 they launched a 14-day long Fellowship Program. This immersive experience was designed to connect young leaders to wider communities to drive purpose-led initiatives contributing to the SDGs.

BATB have had multiple batches of emerging leaders who have embarked on a unique journey of learning & giving back. From learning about grassroots innovation in farming practices to teaching basic literacy, the entire experience brought out the best in our fellows who came out of the program as well-rounded, humble individuals with purpose at the core.

How MetLife’s celebrating cultures across the globe

Culture is a resource for community identity and cohesiveness. It is also one of our most potent tools for transforming civilizations and renewing ideas in today's interconnected globe. MetLife recognizes the value of cultural heritage and encourages its workers to fully embrace their cultures. Employees at MetLife are encouraged to commemorate and appreciate their various ancestry and background by instituting Cultural Heritage Day, a floating leave. This leave has been implemented to allow employees the freedom to take time off on a day that is not a public holiday, such as a religious event, or a cultural day of one's own personal or family beliefs that is significant to the employee to self-reflect and enjoy. This is to address individual diversity in the workplace and to promote an inclusive culture.

Unilever Bangladesh’s Progressive Policies: Support to cherish each stage in life

From flexible working arrangements to comprehensive healthcare coverage, Unilever’s progressive policies prioritize employee wellbeing and ensure that they have the resources necessary to thrive both personally and professionally. The policies are designed keeping in mind the milestones that come at various stages of life, such as fertility support, parenthood, pilgrimage and elderly care. All policies are gender neutral and applicable to all Unilever employees.

Notable policies include ‘Education Assistance’ - promoting a culture of lifelong learning and facilitating future-fit upskilling, ‘Interchangeable Holidays’ - facilitating celebration of diverse religions and ethnicities, and ‘Career Break Policy’ - empowers employees with the option to take a break from work to prioritize personal and family goals.

BAT: Employee wellbeing in the spotlight

At BAT Bangladesh, holistic wellbeing of its employees plays a pivotal role in championing a positive working environment. They chose to focus on two of the key facets of employee wellness- mental & physical wellbeing. The company celebrates World Mental Health Day with expert seminars and unwinding musical sessions and organized an exciting month-long intra BAT football tournament- The Changemakers’ League.

Bayer Samavesh Program: Empowering female talents wings to fly

As a responsible business organization, Bayer Bangladesh (Bayer CropScience Limited) is upholding an inspiring and unique space for the young female Agri graduates to build their career in the industry through Bayer’s Samavesh Program.

'Samavesh' is a 12-week flagship initiative jointly sponsored by Bayer and esteemed business schools from India. Its primary objective is to identify, nurture, and empower talented young women with academic backgrounds in agriculture, equipping them with the professional skills necessary for a successful career in the industry. This program serves as a vital platform for skill enhancement, career development, and strategic planning.

This 12-week course is meticulously designed keeping in consideration the ever-growing demands and challenges of both public and private sectors in agriculture industry. Samavesh participants gain access to a high-quality training resource that combines in-house instruction with valuable field visits, enhancing their marketing skills and strategic acumen.

The selection process for Samavesh is rigorous, involving an online aptitude test, and interviews to carefully choose candidates. Bayer then provides comprehensive training, grooming, and skill development, encompassing both soft and hard skills.

What sets the Samavesh Program apart is its robust three-tier support system. Participants benefit from the mentorship of a reporting manager, a territory business manager, and a female buddy who create a supportive and nurturing environment for their growth. To ensure their well-being, the company also provides health insurance coverage for the Samavesh trainees.

The term 'Samavesh' translates to 'Inclusion' with a specific goal, reflecting our commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowerment. We take pride in the successful execution of two previous Samavesh programs, which have played a pivotal role in advancing women's empowerment and fostering gender equity. As we speak, the third cohort is already in progress, continuing our mission. We have full confidence that the ongoing Samavesh Program will continue to reinforce Bayer Bangladesh's dedication to laying a solid foundation for the advancement of the female workforce. Together, we march forward towards a brighter future!

Unilever Bangladesh’s breakthrough achievement: 50/50 Gender Balanced at top management

Unilever Bangladesh has achieved a 50:50 gender balance at top management (CXO level). This representation of senior female leadership reflects Unilever’s commitment towards ensuring gender diversity at workforce.

Unilever Bangladesh is currently driving several actions in pursuit of this commitment. They have taken consistent steps in ensuring female participation in roles across the company, with the belief of gender diversity from boardroom to frontline. Unilever currently has 150+ female frontliners at the company’s largest manufacturing operation at the Chattogram Kalurghat Factory. The women in factory are breaking new barriers every day, running maintenance, engineering, and quality control to packaging and logistics, even during night shifts. Unilever also holds regular campus initiatives with an ambition to empower diverse talents who will be the future leaders of the country.

Coca-Cola's #AccelerateHer: Advocating inclusive system leadership

Coca-Cola Bangladesh is presently renewing its pledges with their Bottling Partners with a goal of Inclusive System Leadership. Under the banner of #AccelerateHER, they have launched their first set of activities to accelerate the momentum of cultivating Women Talent across the system and hierarchies. Differentiated referral incentives, capability development and sensitization, a varied interviewing panel, diverse applicant slates, and an equal opportunity policy assist to ground their strategy. Moreover, Coca-talent Cola's partners must constantly have a solid ratio of female applicants in the employment pipeline that are reflective of the local market.

How BAT is facilitating women's leadership through action

BAT Bangladesh won the award for being the “Most Female-Friendly Organization” in 2018 for implementing a comprehensive approach to women's empowerment and encouraging female leadership inside the firm. Being a women-friendly organization through and through, BATB continues to offer programs that promote women's advancement in the corporate sector. BAT Bangladesh's Women in Leadership program is one way the company encourages women to advance to senior positions. The initiative provides high-potential female employees throughout the Group with training, mentorship, and other sorts of career assistance. Its goal is to increase the performance and potential of female talent by:
• Improving leadership behaviors to assist professional advancement
• Realizing full potential early in careers
• Strengthening networking

Possibilities for personal growth at Novartis and an open talent market

Novartis is a place where people thrive, careers flourish, and leaders are formed. As a result, Novartis encourages its employees' own personal development, learning, and professional advancement. Match, Novartis' new AI-powered internal talent marketplace, Match, was launched across the Novartis group in 2022. It is a voluntary and simple-to-use internal destination for skill-building and development. It customizes opportunities using artificial intelligence (AI). Match empowers all employees to lead their own development and choose a career path based on their preferences in an open talent market, whereas "My Potential", a self-assessment tool, assists employees in discovering their strengths and growth areas, as well as defining their own potential, by providing evidence-based insights. Novartis has removed organizational and management control over employee career development using Match and My Potential, allowing all workers to move and progress at their own speed and choice.

Coats DEI network: A vehicle for social change

At Coats, they believe that a genuinely diverse workforce delivers a wide range of viewpoints, ideas, talents, and experience, which has a beneficial influence on employee engagement and corporate success. Coats Bangladesh has a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Network where workers from all around the world meet to discuss methods to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion. This portal shares best practices from each country so that everyone may implement them. Coats also offers a female internship program in partnership with technical colleges at the workforce level. It allows female freshers to study while also opening up opportunities to work at Coats. Coats has also partnered up with Bangladesh Business & Disability Network to identify possibilities and prepare their workplace for disabled employees.

GROWing up to be a STAR at Coca-Cola

Women around the world are pillars at The Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola Bangladesh has long been involved in economic development and social protection for women. The company has established two programs, STAR and GROW, to help women employees grow and strengthen their leadership qualities. STAR is an acronym that stands for Set To Augment Results. This programme is geared for Emerging Female Leaders and includes modules on Self-Leadership, Leadership Mindset, Leading Others, and Influential & Courageous Conversations, as well as Leadership conversations on Career, Growth, and Life Transitions. Get Ready for Opportunities @Work, also known as GROW, is a Sponsorship Program that aims to provide advocacy, accountability, and practical growth plans for female leaders. Both of these programs are facilitating the career growth of women employees within the company.

BAT Bangladesh's Comprehensive Parental Leave Program

BAT Bangladesh is dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace that supports parenthood and work-life balance. Their comprehensive parental leave program exemplifies this commitment. The company's maternity policy allows working mothers to avail nine months of fully paid maternity leave, providing them with the necessary time to bond with their newborns and ensuring a seamless return-to-work experience through a return-to-work guarantee. Additionally, BAT Bangladesh offers flexible work opportunities, including fortnightly day-offs, to further support working mothers.

Recognizing the crucial role of fathers in early child development, BAT Bangladesh also provides seven working days of paternal leave. This initiative encourages active involvement of fathers, allowing them to be present and engaged during these important stages of their child's life.

By implementing this comprehensive parental leave program, BAT Bangladesh fosters a supportive and inclusive work environment that values work-life balance and acknowledges the diverse needs of its employees. These initiatives affirm the company's commitment to supporting parenthood, enhancing the overall well-being and job satisfaction of its workforce.

Banglalink's Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy to ensure safety and respect

To maintain a safe and respectful work environment for all its employees, Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd has implemented a comprehensive anti-sexual harassment policy. This policy includes guidelines and the establishment of a dedicated committee tasked with taking effective measures to address incidents or allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The committee plays an active role in organizing awareness sessions, promoting education, and resolving disputes or complaints, ensuring a workplace that is inclusive, free from harassment, and bullying. Banglalink firmly believes in providing a work environment where every individual feels safe, respected, and empowered to thrive.

By having a robust anti-sexual harassment policy in place and a proactive committee, Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd demonstrates its unwavering dedication to creating a workplace culture that fosters respect, equality, and dignity for all employees.

BAT Bangladesh's Successful Digital Transformation Journey through Self-directed Learning

The self-directed learning zones are core examples for training centers to become a paperless learning point for all the shopfloor employees. They may learn and expand their technical knowledge by watching videos by using headphones and tabs, reading PDFs through tabs whenever they want to learn. There is also a website called Learning Point where employees may log in using their IDs and avail all kind of study materials including leadership, IWS, Technical/ functional etc.

MetLife launches flagship ‘360Health’ app to provide health care support for all

MetLife Bangladesh launched industry first health solution app ‘360Health’ to assist customers managing health and wellbeing. MetLife customers in different countries are already using 360Health app and from now on MetLife Bangladesh customers will also be able to avail this smart world class health care support from anywhere in Bangladesh.

‘360Health’ is a smart, easy and secured mobile app that provides holistic health care solutions, from physical to mental. It provides health assessment tool, BMI calculator, Cardiovascular health assessment tool, Corona symptom checker, video consultation with doctor, doctor audio call, doctor chat, specialist doctor appointment, opportunity of selecting from a list of specialist doctors for general and serious illnesses and appointment booking along with online pharmacy service with discounts. With the future integration of digital life card, users of this app will be able to get discounts at various reputed local and international hospitals. MetLife customers can also check their policy status and pay premium through this app and can book meetings with financial associates.

The app can be downloaded from ‘Google Play Store’ with two months free trial. Any android phone user can download and use general features like - BMI Calculator, Covid-19 Symptom checker, Health Risk Assessment and Personal Need Analysis. Where the MetLife customers and their family members will be able to unlock the wide selection of health care services.

In a recent survey conducted by MetLife Bangladesh, more than 80% respondents mentioned that they are concerned about the access to quality healthcare professionals and cost and affordability of healthcare. The ongoing pandemic has also made customers more aware of digital tools for availing healthcare services.

How Banglalink is fostering inclusivity and collaboration in the workplace

In line with Banglalink’s commitment to prioritize creating an inclusive and collaborative work environment, the company has implemented several initiatives.

To support menstrual health, Banglalink has installed sanitary napkin dispensers in all female washrooms, ensuring accessibility and promoting a supportive environment for female employees.

The company promotes an open workplace culture where employees from diverse backgrounds and roles can interact and exchange ideas. With a hotdesking system, employees have the flexibility to work from any seat, anywhere, fostering collaboration. Additionally, the self-service pantry, on-site café, and food facilities at the canteen facilitate spontaneous engagement among employees.

Recognizing the needs of nursing mothers, Banglalink provides a dedicated breastfeeding zone, ensuring a comfortable and private space for them.

Moreover, the company has taken steps to ensure physical accessibility. Washrooms are designed to accommodate individuals with physical limitations, and wheelchair accessibility is available through the basement at the head office.

These initiatives demonstrate Banglalink's commitment to fostering inclusivity, well-being, and equal opportunities for all employees.

Embracing diversity: Sonia Jengcham's inspiring journey at Coca-Cola

In the heartland of Bangladesh, Coca-Cola Bangladesh Beverages (CCBB) stands as an exceptional example of ethnic diversity in the workplace, with Sonia Jengcham leading the way. Hailing from the enchanting district of Mymensingh, Sonia has discovered her true calling at the CCBB factory, embodying empowerment and inclusivity. With a profound appreciation for her cultural heritage nurtured during her upbringing, Sonia carries her identity proudly into her professional life. CCBB distinguishes itself by unwaveringly treating every employee as equals, irrespective of their ethnic background. Sonia finds solace and an environment that allows her to thrive without being treated differently.

As a devoted member of the CCBB family, Sonia's contagious passion infuses the factory with enthusiasm and pride, inspiring her colleagues to value the diversity within their ranks. Sharing anecdotes from her upbringing in Mymensingh and celebrating her heritage, Sonia becomes a catalyst for fostering cultural understanding and acceptance among her coworkers.

Sonia Jengcham's journey underscores the transformative power of workplaces that cherish and honor ethnic diversity. At CCBB, employees like Sonia are respected individuals who bring their cultural wealth to the table rather than being mere faces in a crowd. With Sonia's unwavering ardor and CCBB's commitment to inclusivity, this remarkable tale of acceptance continues to inspire, reshaping the boundaries and possibilities for ethnic diversity in the corporate realm.

Unilever’s new office promotes the inclusion of thoughts and preference

Unilever Bangladesh has recently moved to its new headquarters. As one walks into the office, one will notice many unique features, including the design for accessibility for people with disabilities and that there are no employee cabins irrespective of level.

To promote a more open and inclusive culture in the workplace, the 55,000 square feet office has multiple open meeting areas, a multi-purpose cafeteria, multiple squad zones, agile connect zones, etc. All of these features send an open message of a free flow of thoughts. Moreover, the 5-floor office has an in-house medical facility, a creche, a full-fledged gymnasium, personal cabinets, and prayer rooms.

Unilever Bangladesh: Sustainable inclusion of People with Disabilities

Through various initiatives, Unilever Bangladesh equips business leaders with the capacity to foster equity, diversity, and inclusion. An inclusive workforce includes participation of People with Disabilities (PwDs) and transgenders.

At present, there are more than 30 people with disabilities working with Unilever corporate and field offices. With the commitment to create an inclusive culture, Unilever, in partnership with Aspire to Inovate (a2i )- a multinational digital transformation catalyst from the Government of Bangladesh – is taking initiatives for sensitization at the central office and at the factory.

Interventions such as sensitization workshops highlight the challenges faced by people with disabilities and how Unilever can leverage digital tools to enable an inclusive environment. Through various interactive exercises, the sessions address stereotypical assumptions about people with disabilities and allow participants to experience and empathize with their daily challenges. Additionally, Unilever’s headquarters is designed to be disability friendly including accessible washrooms and assisted support at work.

Unilever Bangladesh’s exemplary Frontline to Boardroom transformation

Unilever Bangladesh has broken several stereotypes in the arena of diversity, equity and inclusion. Through a 50:50 gender balance at the highest leadership level in the country, the management committee, ensures that women are key players as decision-makers.

Unilever has marked female-friendly territories across Bangladesh to ensure safety and facilitate greater participation of women in sales, a field that is still largely male-dominated. Unilever was also the country’s first in onboarding a female regional sales manager and has over time increased the count of female regional managers. Unilever is also expanding public washroom facilities for women across the country through partnerships with its own brands and INSPIRIT organizations. These facilities will cater to not only Unilever resources but provide facilities for others in the ecosystem.

To promote careers for women in STEM (please insert the full form), Unilever has built the infrastructure and culture for inclusivity at its Kalurghat Factory in Chattogram. In a breakthrough initiative, Unilever Bangladesh has night shift operations for females in factories, thus challenging the stereotype certain roles are not for female employees to thrive in. To address the challenges for women beyond work, there are initiatives in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of women posted in outstations. With more than 250 women working at the factory shopfloor, the organization is inspiring and enabling more female engineers to lead at frontline.

MetLife's Innovation in financial products to enhance people’s resilience

MetLife Foundation and MSC (MicroSave Consulting) along with its partner UNCDF hosted the i3 (innovate, implement, impact) global learning event on “Innovation in financial products to enhance people’s resilience” in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 17th May 2023.

The learning event also explored practical lessons around financial resilience and security in four markets: Malaysia, China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. The event intended to help steer a shift in approach from financial inclusion to financial health with a focus on innovative products among practitioners, providers, donors, and regulators.

The event offered participants representing regulators, government officials, practitioners, and think tanks key insights, and some of the major outcomes of the event are: the i3 program’s impact in increasing awareness and helping improve financial health; lessons from the ecosystem to innovate, evolve, and build the financial resilience of LMI segments; and identification of critical areas that need more focus now beyond access, which will be the next focus for the industry, such as digital credit, insurance, transformation, protection, and privacy. Through i3 program partners such as aspire to innovate (a2i), Shakti Foundation, Women & e-Commerce Ltd, and leading MFS providers among others, the program could make an impact over 12.8 million clients in Bangladesh itself and over 43 million low-income individuals indirectly.

More than 80 industry experts attended this international event with participants from Malaysia and Vietnam.

The panel deliberated what innovations are required in the financial sector to enhance people’s financial health and what are the biggest lessons from the pandemic, and how do we build for a more resilient future.

The dialogue surrounding financial inclusion has intensified over the last decade. With the focus now on financial health, key stakeholders have started to explore how best to engage prospective customers in ways that meet the needs of both customer service providers and the industry itself.

MetLife launches Bangladesh’s first dedicated toll-free insurance query hotline

With an aim to make insurance related information more accessible to Bangladesh’s 16 crore population, MetLife Bangladesh has launched the country’s first dedicated, toll-free insurance query hotline titled “Hello Bima.”

Available to anyone with a telephone or mobile connection, Hello Bima will serve as a dedicated contact center for callers to ask questions about insurance and its benefits.

A majority of Bangladeshis lack awareness about the benefits of insurance for protecting their future. At the same time, there are also some misconceptions about insurance. Hello Bima aims to encourage people to speak directly with trained contact center staff to have their questions answered on life insurance and its role in financial protection, and get the clarifications they need to properly understand how insurance can help them.

Hello Bima hotline can be accessed by dialing toll-free number 08000016344 from 9:00am – 6:00pm, Sunday to Thursday.

MetLife Bangladesh opens Children Daycare Center for working parents

To support working parents and build a more inclusive workplace, MetLife Bangladesh has recently launched a Children Daycare center at its Head Office in Motijheel. Working parents of MetLife will now have access to a range of childcare options and the facility to keep their children in a safe and secure Daycare center.

Research shows that taking care of children is one of the major concerns for any working parents. According to a Harvard study, globally nearly 20% of working parents leave their work or reduce working hours solely due to lack of childcare.

Maersk Line Bangladesh: Promoting inclusivity through accessibility and transgender facilities

To ensure accessibility, Maersk Line Bangladesh provides wheelchair access throughout its premises, allowing employees with mobility challenges to navigate freely. Additionally, Maersk Line Bangladesh recognizes the importance of gender-inclusive facilities and has implemented separate washrooms for transgender individuals, respecting their privacy and dignity.

These initiatives demonstrate Maersk Line Bangladesh's commitment to creating a supportive workplace where all employees feel valued and respected. By prioritizing accessibility and providing gender-inclusive facilities, the company ensures that everyone can fully participate and thrive within the organization.

MetLife announces 2030 DEI commitments: MetLife and MetLife Foundation commit more than $2.5 billion to deepen impact across workforce and society

MetLife announced a broad set of 2030 diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) commitments designed to address the needs of the underserved and underrepresented through a mix of investments, products and services, supply chain, volunteering, and community efforts.

The extensive package of DEI commitments augments the global insurer’s robust sustainability efforts, which are anchored to its business strategy and informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

MetLife has pledged to deliver on the following commitments by 2030:

1. Originate $1 billion in investments that advance firms owned by women, minorities, and disabled persons. MetLife made a down payment on this commitment with nearly $100 million deployed in 2021.

2. Reach $5 billion in spend with diverse suppliers – an increase of $1.6 billion from the amount MetLife’s Supplier Inclusion and Development Program has committed to date. MetLife will also annually report the economic impact of this spend.

3. MetLife Foundation has committed $150 million in funding to support underserved and underrepresented communities.

4. Commit 800,000 employee volunteer hours with a focus on DEI/underserved communities.

5. Provide solutions and insights to address the needs of the underserved. For example, MetLife will build partnerships with experts to provide educational content in Upwise™ – the company’s new digital financial wellness app – to tackle the financial challenges disproportionately impacting diverse communities.

6. Support research that advances understanding of DEI issues. For example, MetLife will share insights from the company’s annual Employee Benefit Trends Study and other research initiatives to help employers as they support their increasingly diverse workforces.

7. Continue to advance workforce diversity by consistently achieving top quartile positioning across each ethnically and racially diverse category in the U.S. and of female officers globally. Enhance transparency of the link between top quartile positioning and executive leadership performance. The financial components of these commitments total more than $2.5 billion by 2030.

Metlife's strategy to drive inclusive economic mobility: Funds and volunteerism will address economic, social, and environmental issues impacting underserved and underrepresented communities

MetLife Foundation announced a strategy aimed at driving inclusive economic mobility by addressing the needs of underserved and underrepresented communities around the globe. This multi-pronged strategy builds upon MetLife’s 2030 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commitments, through which the Foundation pledged $150 million in funding and MetLife pledged 800,000 employee volunteer hours in support of historically marginalized individuals and their families between 2021 and 2030.

MetLife Foundation’s grantmaking and impact investments will be aligned to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and three core portfolios:

• Economic Inclusion: Upskilling and reskilling talent to be competitive in a new economy

• Financial Health: Enabling budget management, savings, and access to credit and benefits as part of a broader wealth-building strategy

• Resilient Communities: Expanding access to wellness resources as well as supporting a more resilient planet through climate-focused grants

MetLife Foundation’s efforts will be augmented by MetLife employee-driven volunteering and skills-based pro bono projects that leverage MetLife employees’ talent to expand the capacity of non-profit organizations, delivering even deeper impact. In 2021, more than 25,000 MetLife employees volunteered more than 61,000 hours across 37 countries.

As part of this strategic shift, MetLife Foundation has issued its first wave of grants totaling more than $25 million.

Regular updates on the progress of this work will be provided through MetLife’s annual sustainability report. For more details on MetLife Foundation, visit

How Metlife is making insurance more inclusive for the people of Bangladesh

To help more Bangladeshis access the benefits of life insurance, MetLife has reviewed the changing financial protection needs of its customers and the customer journey for purchasing insurance. As a result of its efforts to continuously improve both access and customer experience, it has made a number of significant changes.

First, it has introduced a simpler and innovative insurance application review process to make its world class life insurance products and services fully accessible. For example, the improved review process now enables all Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) to purchase MetLife life insurance. Previously, NRBs had to live in places where MetLife has an office.

Pregnant women can now be insured anytime during pregnancy without medical examination and homemakers can now get individual life insurance coverage of up to BDT 10 lacs. Parents considering purchasing life insurance for their children will also have enhanced flexibility in insurance coverage. 

Additionally, MetLife has identified scope for providing its customers with greater convenience. As a result, customers can now experience more flexible medical examination requirements including non-fasting blood testing, and the option to include relatives other than immediate family as beneficiaries.

How Metlife is extending Banking Benefits for insurance agents

MetLife Bangladesh and Dhaka Bank Limited have announced a first-of-its-kind agreement in the financial sector to provide exclusive benefits to the agents (field forces) of MetLife on a range of Dhaka Bank’s retail banking products.

As a result, MetLife agents (field forces) will be able to avail special offers on savings accounts, credit cards, personal loans, and home loans from Dhaka Bank. These benefits are exclusively designed to support the financial stability and growth of the MetLife Bangladesh agents.

The agreement was recently signed by Ala Uddin, Deputy Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer, MetLife Bangladesh, and Md. Mostaque Ahmed, Deputy Managing Director & Chief Emerging Market Officer of Dhaka Bank at the Head Office of Dhaka Bank.

This initiative sets a new standard for industry partnerships, providing a blueprint for future collaborations aimed at making insurance agents financially stable across the country.

MetLife's ‘Professional Actuarial Study Scholarship’ program to strengthen insurance sector

To equip country’s insurance sector with more professional actuaries, MetLife Bangladesh offers Professional Actuarial Study Scholarship (PASS) to support bright and promising students who want to pursue Actuarial Studies under internationally recognized Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA, UK) or equivalent with the aim.

In 2023 MetLife Bangladesh awarded 4 university students with the scholarship who are aspiring to become professional actuaries through its flagship annual “Professional Actuarial Study Scholarship” program.

An official inaugural session was held to welcome 4 scholarship recipients. The scholarship is open to university students studying in various disciplines and the recipients are selected based on thorough assessments.

About ‘Professional Actuarial Study Scholarship’
The recipients of the scholarship will be sponsored for full cost of Actuary Study and Certification that includes -
· Exam Registration Fee
· Annual Membership Fee
· Study Materials
· Financial Calculator
· Financial Rewards for successful completion of exams

Qualification and Eligibility Criteria
· Undergraduate students (1st & 2nd year students are encouraged to apply)
· Scholarship eligibility applies only during “Student” status

Suitable for
· Math enthusiast with interest in Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and financial analysis
· Students with strong numerical skills
· Students with science background during HSC/ A-levels, preferred but not mandatory.

MetLife launches country’s first insurance focused comics: “Hello Bima”

MetLife Bangladesh has introduced the country’s first insurance-focused comics titled “Hello Bima – The Comics”, to present the concepts and benefits of insurance to people of all ages in an accessible and lively manner. 

In the comics, two main characters - Mitu and Rony answer many commonly asked questions about insurance, as they speak to the audience of a fair. The comics can be read online here:

A majority of Bangladeshis still lack awareness of the benefits of insurance protection, and there are some misconceptions about insurance. Through Hello Bima comics, MetLife Bangladesh aims to help people understand more about insurance and create a more secured future.

BAT Bangladesh prioritizing Employee Wellness: 24/7 Medical Support

Fostering a positive culture with the right facilities and interventions can result in a motivated workforce which benefits the organization as a whole. In terms of physical wellbeing, all sites where our employees work – Dhaka, Savar & Kushtia have 24/7-hour dispensary facility to support the shift operations of our factories. Equipped with qualified doctors and pharmacists, all our employees get free access to these dispensaries. This is bolstered further by our medical claim policies whereby employees get reimbursed for out-of-pocket medical expenses. Furthermore, we also consult with nutritionists to provide healthy canteen meals to all employees and provide ergonomic desk setups in all our offices across regions.

Promoting Financial Literacy and Investment Opportunities for BAT Bangladesh Employees

At BAT Bangladesh, we focus on multiple facets of wellbeing, from physical to social and even financial. We organize a company-wide initiative to educate employees on personal finance and financial literacy. A young demography, unaware of investment opportunities showed interest and it resulted in over 250 employees tuning in to the 3-part session for both management and non-management.

BAT Bangladesh: Empowering inclusion and well-being initiatives

BAT Bangladesh is committed to promoting inclusivity, well-being, and gender equality within its organization. To ensure unrestricted mobility, the company has installed a wheelchair ramp at its Head Office entrance, enabling individuals with mobility challenges to access the premises comfortably.

Recognizing the specific needs of off-station female employees, Bat Bangladesh selectively assigns them to nearby, female-friendly locations. This initiative fosters a supportive work environment that prioritizes their well-being and professional growth.

Furthermore, BAT Bangladesh is dedicated to elevating menstrual wellness. In line with this commitment, the company has introduced a progressive policy that includes a dedicated sanitary pad cupboard in the female washrooms of its Head Office. This initiative aims to enhance access to sanitary napkins, break the stigma surrounding menstruation, and normalize conversations around menstrual health.

Through these inclusive initiatives, BAT Bangladesh ensures that all employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to thrive in their work environment.

Brac EPL Stock Brokerage promoting employee well-being through insurance and health initiatives

Brac EPL Stock Brokerage values the well-being of its employees and offers comprehensive insurance and health benefits. The company provides life insurance coverage of 36 times the basic salary, ensuring financial security for staff and their dependents. Additionally, Brac EPL Stock Brokerage offers hospitalization coverage, extending support during medical emergencies.

To prioritize employee health, the company covers the expenses of pre-employment medical check-ups, ensuring a healthy workforce from the start. Moreover, Brac EPL Stock Brokerage provides first aid facilities, ensuring prompt and effective response to any workplace incidents.

By implementing these initiatives, Brac EPL Stock Brokerage underscores its commitment to the well-being and safety of its employees, fostering a supportive work environment.

Nurturing Parenthood: Banglalink's Supportive Leave Policies

Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd recognizes the significance of parenthood and is dedicated to supporting its employees through comprehensive leave policies. The company offers a generous maternity leave of six months, with an optional extension of two additional months if needed, ensuring that new mothers have ample time to bond with their newborns and adjust to their new roles.

In addition to maternity leave, Banglalink provides pre and post-maternity support. Expectant female employees can avail reduced working hours for up to two hours, one month prior to their expected delivery date (EDD) and one month after returning from maternity leave, easing their transition and allowing for a smoother work-life balance.

The company also acknowledges the importance of paternal involvement, offering male colleagues 10 working days of paternity leave. This ensures that fathers have the opportunity to actively participate in the early stages of their child's life.

By implementing these supportive leave policies, Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd demonstrates its commitment to nurturing parenthood and creating a work environment that values work-life balance and promotes the well-being of its employees and their families.

Adapting to Change: DSV Air & Sea Limited's Flexible Work Policies

DSV Air & Sea Limited has shown resilience and adaptability during the COVID-19 period by implementing a work-from-home (WFH) policy. As the situation evolves, the company has further adjusted its approach and now follows a hybrid way of working. This flexible work model allows employees to combine remote work and office presence based on their needs and the nature of their work. By embracing this hybrid approach, DSV Air & Sea Limited enables its employees to balance work responsibilities with personal priorities, fostering a productive and harmonious work environment. This adaptability highlights the company's commitment to supporting its workforce and ensuring their safety and well-being during challenging times.

BAT Bangladesh's Lean in Circle for diversity and inclusion

BAT Bangladesh takes a proactive approach to foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through a special initiative known as the 'Lean in Circle.' To actively address the unique challenges faced by female employees, the company has established the 'Lean In Circle' initiative. This empowering forum provides a safe space for female employees to share their experiences, insights, and concerns about the workplace.

Through the Lean In Circle, BAT Bangladesh amplifies the voices of its female workforce and ensures that their perspectives are taken into account when developing policies and practices. The forum's collaborative approach enables the company to implement measures that foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for all employees.

This initiative not only promotes gender equality but also enhances overall DE&I efforts within the organization. By valuing and addressing the needs of female employees, BAT Bangladesh demonstrates its proactive commitment to creating a workplace where everyone feels empowered, heard, and valued.

How Banglalink is empowering women through mentorship and leadership development

Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd is committed to empowering women and promoting gender diversity within its organization. To achieve this, the company has implemented two impactful initiatives.

The first initiative, Womentor, is a platform dedicated to mentoring female engineering students in technology. Through this program, Banglalink mentors female students in their second and third years of study, providing guidance and support through interactions with aspiring and progressing female leaders within the organization. This mentoring relationship continues even after graduation, offering the opportunity for students to participate in internships with Banglalink and become part of the talent pipeline for future career opportunities.

The second initiative, the Women in Leadership training program, focuses on grooming female leaders within the organization. This annual program includes a comprehensive training curriculum and incorporates both internal and external mentoring sessions for mid-management female employees. The program equips participants with the necessary skills, knowledge, and support to excel in their careers, manage work-life balance, and prioritize their professional growth.

Through these initiatives, Banglalink is dedicated to fostering a culture of mentorship, development, and advancement for women, ensuring a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage: Fostering Gender Equality in Leadership

BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage actively encourages and supports the presence of female employees in leadership positions. Regardless of factors such as gender, race, age, or religion, BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage provides equal resources and opportunities for all employees to enhance their leadership skills and advance in their careers. By prioritizing merit and performance, the company ensures that individuals are evaluated based on their abilities and potential rather than irrelevant factors. This commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive leadership team reflects BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage's dedication to creating a supportive and equal workplace for all employees. Differentiated referral incentives, capability development and sensitization, a varied interviewing panel, diverse applicant slates, and an equal opportunity policy assist to ground their strategy. Moreover, Coca-talent Cola's partners must constantly have a solid ratio of female applicants in the employment pipeline that are reflective of the local market.

Coca-Cola Bangladesh making a difference, creating shared value

Coca-Cola Bangladesh is committed to making a difference and creating shared value within the communities where it operates. On the occasion of International Women's Day, the company aimed to enhance the lives of the women workforce in its plastic collection value chain. As part of this initiative, the company launched the 'Progress through Cleanliness' program, an integrated and long-term WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) awareness and empowerment program to promote the wellbeing of these women. In the initial phase, the company successfully engaged with approximately one hundred women, and it looks forward to expanding its reach and impact in the upcoming months."

Robi4you: Empowering the Digital Leaders of Tomorrow

Robi Axiata Limited, with its forward-looking approach, firmly believes that today's youth are the future leaders of the digital era. Understanding the importance of preparing them for the challenges ahead, Robi has introduced the Robi4you program. This special initiative is designed to support and guide the new generation in their professional journey from an early stage.

As part of Robi4you, the company conducts digital sessions with students from universities across the country. These sessions focus on honing their skills and equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive in the digital world. While the sessions are organized through communication applications like Zoom, the branding and engagement activities are extensively carried out on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Robi Axiata Limited is committed to nurturing and empowering the young talent of Bangladesh, ensuring they have the knowledge and expertise to become the digital leaders of tomorrow through the Robi4you program.

Fostering inclusion and empowerment: Coats Bangladesh's initiatives

Coats Bangladesh is dedicated to creating an inclusive and empowering workplace environment. The company has implemented various initiatives to foster diversity and support its employees. The hybrid office model allows for flexibility and work-life balance, accommodating individual needs and preferences. Coats for Her and Coats for All programs promote gender equality by providing opportunities for professional development and empowerment.

Additionally, Coats Bangladesh actively celebrates Women's Day, recognizing and appreciating the contributions of women in the workplace. The company's membership in the Bangladesh Business and Disability Network further showcases its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Through these initiatives, Coats Bangladesh strives to create a workplace culture that values diversity, equality, and individual well-being. By embracing inclusivity, the company ensures that all employees can thrive and contribute to their fullest potential.

BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage Limited's initiatives to create a supportive workplace

BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage Limited has implemented several initiatives to prioritize employee well-being and promote a positive work-life balance. Firstly, the provision of rest/sick/prayer rooms offers employees a dedicated space for relaxation, prayer, and recuperation. This facility demonstrates BRAC EPL's commitment to providing a comfortable and accommodating work environment.

The company also upholds a "Zero Tolerance" policy towards sexual harassment, ensuring that all employees are aware of this stance through formal and informal communication channels. By incorporating intolerance towards sexual harassment, BRAC EPL establishes a safe and respectful workplace for all.

Recognizing the needs of employees who are parents, BRAC EPL accommodates supportive measures within its existing infrastructure and logistics. This enables parents to balance their professional responsibilities with caring for their young children, promoting a family-friendly atmosphere.

BRAC EPL also embraces hybrid ways of working, combining onsite and virtual work options. This flexibility allows employees to better manage their work and personal priorities, promoting work-life integration.

To enhance employee engagement and overall well-being, regular employee engagement events are organized. These events provide opportunities for social interaction, team building, and personal development, contributing to a positive and inclusive work culture.

Through these initiatives, BRAC EPL Stock Brokerage Limited demonstrates its commitment to creating a supportive, inclusive, and employee-centric workplace that prioritizes the well-being and growth of its workforce.

MetLife helps 2 crore Bangladeshi people by creating 800 Vision Entrepreneurs

MetLife Foundation and EssilorLuxottica's Social Impact Fund have joined forces in an initiative aimed at creating 800 vision entrepreneurs by 2023. This initiative aims to provide quality vision care services, including vision testing and the production of eyeglasses, to 2 crore people in rural Bangladesh. The partnership seeks to address the vision care needs of underserved communities and make a significant impact on the lives of millions of Bangladeshis by improving their access to essential eye care services.

Maersk Line Bangladesh's Hybrid Work Culture

Maersk Line Bangladesh has embraced a hybrid working culture, allowing employees to work both remotely and in-office. This flexible approach enables individuals to balance their professional commitments with personal responsibilities. Additionally, the company celebrates various occasions, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity among employees. The implementation of flexible working hours further enhances work-life balance and is strictly followed. By promoting a hybrid work model, celebrating diverse occasions, and enforcing flexible timing, Maersk Line Bangladesh demonstrates its commitment to creating a dynamic and supportive work environment that values employee well-being and engagement.

Coats Bangladesh ensuring wheelchair access to its premises

Coats Bangladesh is committed to creating an inclusive work environment. To ensure accessibility, the premises are equipped with wheelchair access facilities. Additionally, the company provides height-adjustable sitting arrangements, promoting ergonomic comfort for employees. These measures demonstrate Coats Bangladesh's dedication to accommodating diverse needs and fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace for all.

Unlocking Flexibility: BAT Bangladesh's Remote Work Initiative

BAT Bangladesh proudly implements a forward-thinking policy that empowers its employees with the flexibility to work from home every Sunday. This remote work initiative acknowledges the evolving nature of work-life dynamics and provides employees with the opportunity to maintain a healthy work-life integration.

By embracing remote work, BAT Bangladesh unlocks flexibility and acknowledges the diverse needs and preferences of its employees. This initiative not only enhances productivity but also promotes employee well-being and satisfaction. It allows individuals to work in an environment that is conducive to their productivity, promotes work-life balance, and reduces commuting-related stress.

BAT Bangladesh's remote work initiative exemplifies the company's commitment to fostering a more inclusive work culture and empowering its employees to thrive both personally and professionally.

Banglalink's bridge holiday and hybrid work Options to enhance work-life balance

Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd prioritizes work-life balance and offers innovative solutions to promote employee well-being. The company introduced a "Bridge Holiday" policy, granting employees a day off when there is a working day between a national holiday and the weekend. This allows employees to enjoy an extended weekend and spend quality time with their families, fostering a healthy work-life integration.

In addition, Banglalink embraces a hybrid work model, providing employees with the flexibility to work three days in the office and two days from home. This arrangement enables individuals to balance their professional commitments and personal responsibilities effectively. The hybrid work option promotes productivity, reduces commuting time and costs, and enhances employee satisfaction.

By implementing bridge holidays and offering a hybrid work environment, Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd demonstrates its commitment to creating a supportive and flexible work culture. These initiatives empower employees to achieve a harmonious blend of work and personal life, ultimately contributing to their overall well-being and job satisfaction.

Coca-Cola Beverages Bangladesh is a Great Place to Work certified!

Coca-Cola Bangladesh Beverages has yet again proved its commitment to creating a positive and supportive work environment by being recognized as a Great Place to Work Certified company for the year 2022. The certification is a testament to the company's unwavering dedication to employee empowerment, engagement, and inclusivity. Coca-Cola Bangladesh Beverages has implemented various initiatives and programs that prioritize the well-being and professional growth of its employees, such as flexible work arrangements, skill development programs, and open communication channels. The Great Place to Work certification is not just a recognition but also a validation of the company's efforts to create a culture of inclusivity and diversity.

Coca-Cola Bangladesh Beverages has worked tirelessly to create a work environment where every employee feels valued, respected, and heard, regardless of their background or identity. The certification is a result of the feedback provided by the employees, who have rated the company highly in various categories, including leadership, collaboration, and work-life balance. It is a testimony to the company's commitment to creating a supportive work environment that leads to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and employee retention. The Great Place to Work certification is a significant milestone for Coca-Cola Bangladesh Beverages, and it is a validation of the company's values and culture. The company's leadership team is proud of this achievement, and they are committed to continuing their efforts to create an environment where employees can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Robi Axiata Limited’s “Wonder Woman Contest”: Celebrating women empowerment

Robi, with its strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, celebrated the remarkable women in its workforce through various initiatives in the month of March. These activities aimed to honor their achievements, learn from their life experiences, and inspire young women to pursue their dreams.

One of the most successful engagements was the "Wonder Woman Contest," where female colleagues were nominated in different categories. The categories included "Ms. Exceptional Performer: Going Above and Beyond," "Ms. Modern: Out of the Box," "Ms. Agile: Balance for Better," and "Ms. Digital: Forge the Future."

These initiatives not only recognized the outstanding contributions of women but also highlighted their unique qualities and capabilities. Robi continues to foster an inclusive work environment where all individuals can thrive and make a positive impact.

Making work fun: Coca-Cola's commitment to employee engagement

Coca-Cola Bangladesh Beverages Limited is hitting it out of the park with their latest initiative to engage employees: cricket matches! Picture this: employees from various departments and offices come together to compete on the field, with the sound of the bat hitting the ball echoing throughout the company grounds. The excitement is palpable as everyone cheers on their colleagues from the sidelines, all in the spirit of teamwork and fun. But the cricket matches aren't just about the game itself - they're a reflection of the company's values. Coca-Cola Bangladesh Beverages Limited is dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment where employees can thrive both personally and professionally. By fostering a sense of community and promoting teamwork, the cricket matches are just one of the many ways the company is living out that commitment. The cricket matches are a home run, strengthening relationships and creating unforgettable moments that will last long after the final inning. ​

MetLife Bangladesh Empowers Women in the Insurance Industry with E-Book

MetLife Bangladesh has released a groundbreaking e-book titled "Stories of Success: Accomplishments of Women in the Insurance Industry." This unique publication aims to shed light on the career opportunities available for insurance agents and highlight the significant contributions made by women in the insurance sector.

The e-book showcases inspiring stories of female insurance agents who play a pivotal role in shaping a robust economy by assisting countless individuals in planning for their future and navigating life's challenges with assurance. By sharing these stories, MetLife aims to promote gender diversity and empower more women to pursue successful careers in the insurance industry.

Robi Axiata Limited: Recognized for Excellence in Employee Engagement and Leadership

Robi Axiata Limited has achieved remarkable success in becoming an employer of choice on a global scale. Their commitment to winning the war for talent is evident through various initiatives, including emotive branding on social media, collaboration with academia, and campus activations. By effectively communicating their value proposition to employees and the community, Robi has consistently positioned itself as a top employer.

The company's dedication to creating a captivating Employee Value Proposition has not only gained recognition domestically but has also garnered international acclaim. Robi Axiata Limited proudly received the Global Best Employer Award for the fourth consecutive time, solidifying their position as a leading employer in the world. Additionally, they have been honored with the prestigious Asia's Best Employer Award, further validating their commitment to excellence.

The exceptional leadership at Robi Axiata Limited has also been acknowledged with the Top Global HR Leader Award, recognizing their ability to inspire and drive success within the organization. The CHRO's recognition as a Top Global HR Leader highlights the coherence and effectiveness of Robi's initiatives over the years.

Embracing the value of diversity and inclusion, Robi Axiata Limited has implemented numerous initiatives to support their women leaders. Their efforts have been recognized with the Asia's Best Woman Leader award, underscoring their commitment to fostering a supportive and empowering environment for women.

Robi Axiata Limited's consistent recognition and accolades are a testament to their unwavering dedication to employee engagement, leadership excellence, and diversity and inclusion. They continue to set an example as a global leader in the telecommunications industry.

Beyond the Office: Coca Cola Bangladesh Beverages Employees Show Off Their Hidden Talents!

At Coca Cola Bangladesh Beverages, the employees are more than just their job titles. They are individuals with unique interests and passions that they pursue outside of work. The company recognizes the importance of nurturing these passions and encourages their employees to explore their passions. Whether it's playing music, painting, cooking, or participating in sports, Coca Cola Bangladesh Beverages employees have diverse interests that enrich their lives and make them more well-rounded individuals. By supporting their employees in their pursuits, the company creates a positive and dynamic work environment that fosters creativity and innovation. The employees at Coca Cola Bangladesh Beverages understand that a work-life balance is essential for maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. Their passions outside of work allow them to recharge their batteries and bring a fresh perspective to their work. By embracing and celebrating the diverse interests of its employees, Coca Cola Bangladesh Beverages demonstrates that it values each individual as a whole person and not just as an employee. This creates a sense of loyalty and dedication among the workforce, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

Novartis' Choice with Responsibility: Reimagining how we work

Novartis (Bangladesh) Limited considers its employees as its most precious resource. The company wants everyone to feel empowered to be their best selves at work and at home, and is devoted to supporting people to be inspired, inquisitive, and unbossed. The organization's need to investigate alternative working methods has been pushed by the global pandemic, and their employees have voiced a strong desire for greater flexibility in how, where, and when they work. Novartis is certain that they can develop a future working paradigm that improves both personal and corporate success. The path toward that approach is named "Choice with Responsibility."

Novartis provides the workers with Choice and Responsibility by equipping and allowing them to work at their own speed in a safe environment. This freedom of choice in their location is not limited to COVID lockdown; the company thinks that freedom combined with responsible decision-making allows individuals to deliver their best selves to work, whether virtual or real. Through Choice with Responsibility, their employees continue to benefit from flexible working arrangements.